Core Audit, Performance Optimizations & Theme enhancements, Day-to-day support and consulting

Rescued site from inadequate hosting an support, performed core audit and repairs, installed security patches, migrated to new hosting environment and adapted Magento 1.9 RWD theme for custom implementation.

A Training special knitted for second level support in hosting companies. This training is about the magento 2 technical structure and the magento 2 backend,

Goft Outlets USA 3 months ago

Golf Outlets aim to provide golfers in America and around the world the best possible value golf equipment.

Golf is an expensive game, there are no two ways about it, but they do everything they can to lower the costs of getting started, and getting better.

We Made Me 7 months ago

Magento 1 build and Wordpress integration. Customised OneStepCheckout.

AlexAir 3 months ago

AlexAir is one of the leading Fire and Rescue Equipment Sales and Service provider for Commercial & Industrial Equipment Supplier based in Minnesota, USA.

Keywestaloe 2 months ago

The website went through an epic upgrade saga in accordance with Magento evolution from its old Magento EE 1.1 version to Magento CE 1.6 to the latest Magento CE providing merchants with quality improvements and security enhancements. We helped KWA to become EDI compliant, thus enabling business transactions to flow faster. The website was integrated with accounting software system MAS500, which made it possible to seamlessly synchronize mission-critical data from the online store directly to the accounting system. We also integrated remote warehouse automation tool to manage all aspects of order fulfillment processes. We rolled out POS, thereby enabling KWA offline stores to merge into Magento ecosystem and building the omnichannel experience for the brand. We integrated and configured email marketing automation software designed to personalize and automate interactions with customers across any channel as well as track and reactivate lapsed customers.

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Zoobashop 2 months ago

a marketplace website that we built for largest online retailer in Ghana - The initial requirement was to build a platform which would be able able of aggregating around 200K products from different vendors across the country and seamlessly integrating with the company’s proprietary ERP system to feed that data into Magento. Each vendor would have their own page on the site showcasing a block of featured products, overall vendor rating and whatever products vendor chose to display. The project also presupposed a separate frontend dashboard for vendors, sophisticated system of custom order status notifications, ability to track vendors separately from customers, bulk import products for manually created vendors, set variable commissions, create the mobile apps to push to App Store and Google Play and just so much more. Moreover, it was imperative that all of that data sits also in the corresponding part of the company’s ERP system. During our collaboration Zoobashop was awarded “#1 online business” in 2015 and “#1 rapidly growing online business” in 2016.

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