Magento 2 Surcharge 5 years ago

Charges added by payment providers, shipping carriers, country or region taxes etc. is added to product prices by store owners and thus they make them too pricey to buy. This ultimately results in bad impression, unprofessionalism and cart abandonment. Magento 2 Surcharge extension by MageComp allows passing these additional charges to buyers transparently by adding various types of surcharges. Why Choose Magento 2 Surcharge extension by MageComp:

  1. Option to calculate surcharge on: a. Subtotal b. Shipping c. Tax d. Exclude Discount
  2. Enforce a minimum order value by applying minimum amount surcharge.
  3. Charge small order fee on purchase of products having lesser than specified order amount.
  4. Apply group surcharge to selected customer groups.
  5. Charge country and region fees based on various countries and regions around the world.
  6. Apply product surcharge in 3 ways: a. Per Order b. Per Product c. For Specific Product
  7. Apply surcharge in fixed amount or in percentage.
  8. Custom label to show each surcharge in frontend.
  9. Apply group filter on all surcharge types if required.
  10. Surcharge details are auto added to the Magento checkout, Print Order page, Order View page, customer sales emails and pdfs generated by Magento.
  11. You can Choose the tax class which applies to surcharges.

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