All Parts Zone is a leading retailer of vechicle parts in London. I successfully delivered the client a custom magento website from conception to completion - managing a team of five experienced programmers, designers and junior developers. The website has several custom developed modules that communicate with TecDoc API, UK HPI for vehicle registration recognition. Other noteworthy modules are customer grouping and pricing, click and collect module for shipping.

TecDoc is the leading provider of car parts data to wholesalers and car parts retailers. TecGento is Nimble3's proprietary script that has been made available to work with leading CMS systems including Magento. The system allows for vehicle and part identification using various methods available through their API and data packet services. I have built an extension that works between a Magento Community Edition (various versions covered up to Magento 2) and TecDoc's API or Data Packets service. The Magento CMS has to be setup with the right brands and parts a retailer intends to sell online. Our extension then extends the part identification process by making calls to the TecDoc API or database (for data packets) and enables you to show the correct and correlating car parts to your end-customers.

The extension does not interfere with any of the standard Magento features and you will be able to use the various useful features of magento like any other normal magento installation. You can also add additional extensions to further the functionality of your store with no conflicts and complications of using our extension.

There is no limit to how many products you can sell using the extension - typically car parts retailers or wholesale business have tens of thousands of products and the extension is capable of handling large scale website creation.

Connect any vehicle registration plate search service to magento community edition

Control car parts category structure and allows for renaming TecDoc category names

Implement dynamic categories using TecDoc's category structure

Show part fitment and vehicle compatibility attributes on Magento

Use OE Number search, VIN Number Search and Brand Search Features

Allows for better SEO by creating indexable URLS for SEO and search engine rankings

Set rules to allow or block various parts of the catalogue to be shown to the search engines

Automatically show 'enter vechicle registration number' when customers land directly on a product page

Connect your in-house ERP and other CRM platforms - requires custom development

Create and manage customer and product groups using Magento's built-in functionality

Create and manage various discount levels and pricing for customer groups

Cater to retail and wholesale customers at the same time and manage prices separately

Allows for make model and vechicle type research without requiring vehicle registration mark input

Show and use images from TecDoc

Other versions of the extension can also be provided that work for OpenCart, Prestashop and Wordpress.

What Plate Search Function Are Available The extension can be connected with any of the following car plate search providers: 1: Dutch NumberPlate 2: French TypeMine 3: Swedish NumberPlate 4: Swiss Typenumber 5: Danish NumberPlate 6: Austrian NatCodes 7: Norwegian NumberPlate 8: Finnish NumberPlate 9: German KBA Number

TecDoc Catalogue Web Service is a service that gives TecDoc Catalogue customers online access to data, catalogue searches, articles and functions. It represents the best solution for designing your own procurement platform with an individual user interface and personal design – with monthly updated TecDoc Catalogue data.

Online update of the TecDoc data Simple combination with other web solutions Flexibility for designing your own interface Optional information for repairs and maintenance Direct connection to your in-house ERP system Excellent service worldwide

Tec Doc data integration into a Magento Shop, a complete solution for a eCommerce Shop integrated with TecDoc autoparts data :

A) Test access to TecDoc database.

Implement export of data from TecDoc database.”

B) Import of products into Magento Community edition latest version.

Optimization, ensure proper site behavior despite the large number of products.

C) Export of TecDoc update upon new TecDoc release (3 months period).

Update of Magento products.

This update will be determined based on the differences between 2 versions of the database.

Of course the shop needs to keep its products, orders and so on so we cannot start it all over.

D) Magento presentation of data. Also admin customization for TecDoc related data.

Search by manufacturer, part number, OEM-number.

Users can also select their cars by manufacturer, model, type or licence plate for UK, France or KBA number in Germany.

TecDoc independent additional images and description text that do will not be modified upon TecDoc update.

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