MSE Audio is a $10M international Manufacturer/Distributor of consumer electronics for both commercial and residential markets. They came to technopath looking to configure their Magento Cloud Starter and set up the staging environment. Not only did we set them up on Magento Cloud and customize their theme, but they signed up for one of our monthly support contracts and, to this day, they remain a loyal client.

Lookvacations is an online agency, selling its own tours and also acting as a marketplace for other agencies as well, which after registering, they can upload and sell its own tours! Every client can open the tour, look at that tour features and images, book the tour at a specific time and also decide the number of children/adults who are participating in this tour! In this Magento 2 project I had to fully develop a custom theme, also custom modules for extra functionality as well as modify and optimize existing modules for better functionality and user experience!

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