Built a highly customizable grouped product grid layout that allows for filtering, pricing tiers, grouping rows with the same value, units of measure, sorting, adding to cart, responsive layout, prioritized column hiding (based on screen width and importance of the column), customer group pricing, etc.

Magento 2 Tier Price 5 years ago

Magento default provides numerous feature to set tier pricing on products. This helps setting discounts on products based on quantity. But to make customers aware about this pricing offer on frontend, MageComp has developed Magento 2 Tier Price extension to show tier pricing in label and tabular format. It helps customers easily select quantity of the product from tabular format and thus they can get idea of unit price of product. Extension also gives the facility to enable or disable any of the format and show marketing message to encourage people buy more. Features: • Users can select predefined product quantity for purchase along with the tier price. • Show tier price in two formats: label and tabular • Selection of preferable quantity along with tier price will automatically update quantity of products on product view page. • Option to add marketing message along with tier price to encourage buyers buy more.

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