These one-day trainings, organized by FireGento, were led by Magento Certified Developer Andreas von Studnitz, co-founder of integer_net. They took place in Cologne, Munich and Berlin, the next one is planned for June in Milan (Italy) right before MageTitansIT.

The training was designed for (more or less) experienced Magento 1 developers who want to get a kick-start into developing with Magento 2.

Topics included:

Directory Structure of Magento 2
Module Structure
Dependency Injection - Basics
Exchanging Classes by Preferences
Injecting Code by Plugins
Events / ObserversMagento Certified Developer
Setup Scripts
Frontend Basics
Development Best Practice

This course covers the Fundamentals of development for Magento 1.

It covers topics like:

  1. Magento architecure
  2. Factory and functional class groups
  3. Class Overrides
  4. Events / Observers
  5. Application initilization
  6. Controllers and Routing
  7. URL Rewrites
  8. Templates
  9. Blocks
  10. Layout XML
  11. Models, Resource Models, and Collections
  12. Magento ORM
  13. Installation & Upgrade Scripts
  14. EAV Concepts
  15. EAV Load & Save
  16. EAV Attributes Management
  17. Adminhtml Form & Grid Widgets
  18. System Configuration
  19. Admin Menus & ACL
  20. Extension Management

This class was a virtual class that involves covering the topics for Magento Certification

Topics include:

  1. Basics
  2. Request Flow
  3. Rendering
  4. Widgets
  5. ORM
  6. Database
  7. Setup Scripts
  8. EAV
  9. Adminhtml
  10. Catalog
  11. Price Rules
  12. API
  13. Checkout
  14. Order Fulfillment
  15. Shipping
  16. Payments
  17. Customers

This is a virtual class offered by Magento U. This class include:

  1. Indexing
  2. Catalog EAV Classes
  3. Catalog Attribute Classes
  4. Product Types & Architecture
  5. Price Calculation
  6. Custom Options
  7. Inventory
  8. Catalog API

This is a class offered by Magento U. This includes:

  1. Shopping Cart
  2. Price Calculations
  3. Onepage Checkout
  4. Shipping
  5. Payments
  6. Order Placement
  7. Taxes & Discounts
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