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Initialized discussion after Giel Berkers introduction to unit testing with Magento 2 and presented a few techniques by my own.

Nobody's Child 6 years ago

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Migration from Rackspace to AWS with automated deployment pipeline using Jenkins.

After migration platform was extended with multiple internal and external 3rd party integrations and updated quite regulatory. Critical bugfixes were backported before they were publicly available.

Store sales increased 5x within a year.

Shoeaholics 7 years ago

Maintenance and implementation of new features on the website in new responsive design, integration with visual merchandiser and custom CMS.

In addition to development I was responsible for management of 5 person team.

Kurt Geiger 8 years ago

As backend developer I was responsible for maintenance and implementation of new features including custom ajaxified checkout, custom CMS, integrations with visual merchandiser, rwd.

Project Name: Celcom EStore Role: Senior Consultant (Magento) Team Size: 25 Magento Version: Magento 2.2 – Enterprise Technical Skills: PHP, XML, Magento 2.X., Rest API, CRM URL: Responsibilities: ● Interaction with clients to gather requirements. ● Managed the Team ● Magento 2 Unit Test Execution ● API – Magento Integration

Atwix_Richsnippets 6 years ago

Improves online store SEO by adding specific tags and structured data to your web pages, and enhances look and feel of pages shared on social networks.

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