Product is a result of a design sprint between multiple multinational financial services corporation branches.

Idea was simple - to connect, simplify and make payments as easy as possible with focus on gamification, customer experience, personalization through AI and ability to connect in partner bank application as a set of modules that leverage the power of PSD2 regulative. 

Through the process, we defined the challenge and problems, developed personas, stories, journeys, wireframes, designed and created interactive prototype of application that had all the modules integrated in itself to better present the capabilities of incoming PSD2 regulative.

Currently in development, multinational financial services corporation AI powered concierge service helps you to book, manage, discover and guide your experience in Dubai for the duration of Dubai Expo 2020.

Service automatize your onboarding process based on your desires, finance status and available time in the true sense of the word. From the flight, personalized airport service through augmented reality, the hotel where it even unlocks your room to even creating your itinerary with agenda of things that might interest you.

All interconnected through financial services corporation API with leading companies that support you throughout the way - from multinational Emirati based telecommunications services provider, airlines company to the real estate development company.

Scottish Rite 5 years ago

Magento 2.0 full build focused on ease of use and checkout

Mastercard vendor company offers piloting services and product design to renowned brands and new and upcoming startups. Utilising design thinking methodology through design sprints as a meaning of validating concepts and prototypes as a Design Director, I'm able to steer the wheel of product that is being built to provide necessary guidance and to help bring the project to life and evolve it through all stages of its existence. Working with high profile clients such as Mastercard and banks around the world to help them bring their vision alive is just part of the work that I was doing at vendor company.

Designing at Inchoo meant to wrap the head around clients business; meant to get to know the customers of each specific project, analyse current customer behaviour, their flow patterns, predict the customer trends based on shopping seasons and continuously following the lifespan of the store, constantly analysing, measuring and evolving the store through combination of raw analytics data, heatmaps and best usability practices.

Being team leader at Inchoo proved to be quite a challenge; from consolidating design processes, establishing design workflow and hand-off, mentoring young talents, leading a projects, speaking at conferences, writing, analysing business processes, participating in company strategy, improving current clients' business via continuous testing and, finally, designing user experiences for that next online store.

Pavement Ends® is Bestop's most affordable brand line. Bestop has been the leading manufacturer of Jeep soft tops and accessories for more than 60 years, and apply that engineering, technical and field experience to all of their products, including Pavement Ends. Initial role of project manager continued as UI/UX designer providing full redesign.

UI/UX design of an online fashion store. Creating an e-commerce experience using design thinking principles, user research, creating personas and customer journeys.

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