GMdotnet Vagrant Multi Machine LAMP Stack is a simple Vagrant file with yaml config file and ansible provision. You can use to have a multi machine LAMP stack for your development.

A vagrant configuration for getting a basic version of Magento with HHVM up and running.

This is my first talk ever. The audience are local IT students and I'm introducing Vagrant to them as part of their PHP development environment instead of using the old school WAMP/XAMPP

Magestead 6 years ago

Magestead 2.0 is the perfect development toolbox to manage and control your Magento development workflow. A command line utility that will not only get you a custom pre-configured vagrant development environment with the tools you want, but also install the latest version of Magento or Magento 2.

Magebox 5 years ago

Magento2 Vagrant with automated/configurable installer for Apache, Nginx, Percona, MySQL, Maria DB, PHP 5.6/7

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