Todo | 3 years ago

Own Portfolio Web App with Vuejs and PHP Lumen

Webhook | 3 years ago

Own Webhook app with Vuejs and PHP Lumen

By creating a little known game, students had the chance to see the main basic features of the VueJs framework.

Who we are ?

Iam Jonathan Martz and iam working currently for Flagbit Gmbh & Co. KG. If you want more Information about me, you can take a look at Impressum and my Linkedin Page.

Why we provide this Service/App ?

As Developer im working with many Technologies like (PHP/CSS/HTML/JS) and i love to Program new things. This is one of many small Projects iam currently working on. For my own Inforstruktur im using the Hetzner Cloud and thats the reason why im Programm this App (PWA).

Technical Information

This Project contains two main parts which are open source, which means everyone can take a look at the code.

If you want to know what my App is doing, you want to know what is happening behind the scenes take a look at: Github: Hetzner Cloud Api Github: Hetzner Cloud Pwa In every Github Repo where is a docs folder where you can find some more Information about Security, Cookies, LocalStorage, coming Release Plans and the latest Changes.

Todo - 3 years ago

Own Todo app with Vuejs and PHP Lumen

Borat | 3 years ago

Own Borat app with Vuejs and PHP Lumen As replacement for Toran and Private Packagist to host it on your own server.

Wellcat needed a simple way to add/remove listing of cats available for a new home so SproutDesk built a custom solution that allows the admin to make a listing edit the photos directly on the website using a bespoke built Vue.js component for cropping and editing images.

Planetasport Serbia 3 years ago

Magento 2 project, backend work, lead team, continued on my own development (full stack). Work on nativescript with vuejs for loyalty in progress, site development and maintenance.

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