Heavily customized WordPress build

Waterside Nursery 6 months ago

Magento 1 build, integration with WordPress.

WordPress canvas gallery extension is developed by FMEAddons which helps to entertain the customers and engage the customers. This addon allows your users to make drawings on your website by using various drawing tools such as pen, brush, eraser, color picker, and thickness selector. Canvas add-on also enables an image slider on painting page and which helps to display the variety of images to users.

Main Features of Canvas gallery Extension for WordPress

  • Stylish captcha
  • Email drawings
  • Image slider
  • Download drawings
  • Drawing tools
  • Free lifetime upgrades
SIWECOS 14 hours ago

SIWECOS stands for "Secure Websites and Content Management Systems" and helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to identify and eliminate security gaps on their websites.

On the one hand, the focus is on concrete recommendations for action in the event of damage, on the other hand, there is also a strong focus on raising the awareness of SMEs in the field of cyber security. A vulnerability scanner regularly checks the server systems of the medium-sized company for known vulnerabilities or the web applications installed on them for security holes; all tools were developed under the premise secure by design. 3 months ago

A rebuild of our WordPress website in English and French.

My Blog About Magento 10 months ago

My Blog about magento customization

The Synergy Company 450 hours 1 year ago

Redesigned and developed custom functionality for The Synergy Company. Our work included: Working with internal print designers to redesign and make a responsive website. Updating product pages to highlight subscription options. Creating custom functionality for product ingredients and certifications. Integrating WordPress and Magento for a user experience. Proving training and consulting as the client needed to ensure a beautiful and functional new website.

Wordpress portfolio 10 hours 1 year ago

This was a project published in February 2017 for a Graphic Designer portfolio.


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