Coleman Book Company 6 years ago

Migrated this store from osCommerce to Magento 2.1

North40 Outfitters 8 years ago

Magento 1, Full Build, Responsive Design, Backend Development, WordPress Integration

Lems Shoes 5 years ago

Lems needed to migrate off BigCommerce and to Magento 2. We provided full service support for the migration, helped them redesign their homepage and improve their UX in the process. The new Magento 2 site is much easier for the client to manage and customize, just as they wanted. It also includes custom B2B features for their logged in, wholesale customers.

We Made Me 6 years ago

Magento 1 build and Wordpress integration. Customised OneStepCheckout.

Development of an order states flow Web Service for client ERP Integration. Custom self-developed Blog importation from Wordpress to Magento AheadWorks Blog extension. Development of FinCosum (for funded payments of La Caixa spanish bank entity) integration extension, as Payment Method.

The Synergy Company 450 hours 6 years ago

Redesigned and developed custom functionality for The Synergy Company. Our work included: Working with internal print designers to redesign and make a responsive website. Updating product pages to highlight subscription options. Creating custom functionality for product ingredients and certifications. Integrating WordPress and Magento for a user experience. Proving training and consulting as the client needed to ensure a beautiful and functional new website.

Sixpenny 500 hours 6 years ago

We started by providing consulting and direction on the website designs. As designs were approved we started building out the website. To get the best user experience possible we built custom functionality including tool tip product swatches, custom search redirects, product meters and high resolution image sliders.

The website has been successfully revamped using Magento, with a flexible backend support and stunning UX-focused site. The site has been able to attract numerous modern parents, cool aunts, and uncles.

  1. The website sees around 80-100 orders per day.
  2. The business has seen a rise of 130% in last one year.
  3. The business has achieved around 30K likes in last one year.
  4. The business gets daily requests from many vendors to add their products on the website.

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