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Module development Checkout changes Wordpress integration (page header / cart / minicart) Bug Fixing

Every E-commerce merchant wants to expose the product range to more and more potential customers via multi-channel selling to grow their business. However, if you are a multi-channel seller on Magento 2 and WooCommerce store then managing both the stores could be a tedious task. But using the WooCommerce Connector module, the store owner can integrate the Magento store with the WooCommerce store.

The admin can sync products and orders from WooCommerce store to Magento store. The admin can even map the WooCommerce store categories with the Magento store categories. Using the module, the store owner will no longer be required to configure the product data and information on both the stores separately.

The admin can connect and manage multiple WooCommerce accounts. And can synchronize the products and orders from multiple WooCommerce accounts using this module.

This company was looking for a visual redesign of their existing site and implementing eCommerce functionality for the first time.

Magento eShop 1 year ago

It's an ecommerce website for technical domain which provides user with an experience to buy 3D printers online with a feature to see the working of the device through a video before buying it. It provides user with an interface which is quite easy to use. It provides various options to user to technically know about the product, the customer wants to buy so that the customer can clear all his/her doubts before making a purchase decision.

We started with analysis of what is being demanded by the client which is then designed and optimized through UI .And with the help of technical analysis and choosing integration pattern prototypes are being developed. These prototypes are then implemented to Magento engine on local hosts. After further testing and debugging with the help of analytical surveys and world class developers at hand, the website is being launched on the web. NEEDS Client needs consisted of

  • Maintenance - Module development - Design up gradation - JS minification for validation and functionalities - CSS minification for improvement of look and feel - Theme integration/Customization. In short the client needed a whole platform to run his business online in an efficient manner.

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