A customer front end for buying insurances and managing your insurances (account). This was a Magento 1 Enterprise webshop which served as a front end for a multitude of backend systems: the insurance rule engine, a MongoDB for file exchange, email systems, social login and profiles, customer/ecommerce tracking, and more. The insurance rule engine was the portal to another multitude of insurance back end systems (customer data, damage claims/reports, fraud protection, data checks and more).

The communication was set up using XML over raw TCP and the data was described using the Dutch insurance industry XML standard. We had chosen to build multiple layers into the communication stream for managing the connection, sending and receiving the data, validating the data and handling errors and most importantly a conversion from the Dutch XML into Magento/OOP based models to provide a flexible backend to the frontend because of the constant changes in the structure of the XML and changes in this agile project that has been running for a few years.

When an invoice is created an event handler is dispatched. Then it ads special calculations that stores and renders in admin forms.

An module that integrates Systembolages stores openhours into Magento 2.

Integrated a Product and Inventory import/update cron for Information would be FTD'd to a server in XML format. Files would get picked up and processed by the Magento cron to keep site catalog in sync.

The challenge was to build a new Magento + Wordpress website and brand image for Jing Tea, one of the largest tea importers in the UK.

My role here was as a Senior Magento Frontend Developer, building large sections/pages of the website along with their responsive counterparts.

Project was done while working for Logicspot, a magento agency based in London.

• migrate cognito motorsports off of admark eCommmerce • create custom designed magento templates and layouts • catalog management, migrating products, setting up navigation • custom API integration, customized modules / extensions • custom email templates, payment & shipping module integration 7 years ago

• migrate norcaltruck off of joomla / ixxo cart eCommerce platform • create custom magento templates and layouts • catalog management, migrating products, setting up navigation • custom API integration, marketing strategy • payment & shipping module integration

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