Store Manager for Magento is a Windows application to quickly and effectively manage your Magento online store. It was designed to enhance the functionality of default admin web interface, bring new cool features, automate routine tasks and simplify day-to-day operations.

Phigora 4 months ago

Phigora provides the best experience in the second-hand luxury market to buy & sell pre-owned luxury watches and jewelry.

Trenddeko 3 months ago

Trenddeko is the largest retailer of wall decorations, bold designer furniture and stunning window images in Switzerland. Starting with wall decorations only, for now Trenddeko provides a huge amount of related products for the most demanding clients.

Edgesmith 6 months ago

Edgesmith is a New Zealand company which offers the big range of products from fencing design and technical specs to hardware, automation and access control. Edgesmith was born from the greatest wish to inspire its clients. This company is on a journey to create a movement where perimeter architecture is respected, prioritised and admired, and we welcome you to join our tribe. From design to access and control, Edgesmith is where a new attitude towards bordering perfection begins.

ZIERA 7 months ago

Ziera is a New Zealand shoe company that has been creating blissfully comfortable footwear for over 60 years. At the core of Ziera’s philosophy is a conviction that shoes must look and feel equally good. That principle underlies our position for the developing of theirs online store. MageDirect team poured the heart and soul, developing online store Ziera shoes.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration 550 hours 10 months ago

Full migration from Magento 1.9.x to Magento 2.1 and re-design of the Magento store for Inc5000 retailer from USA.

  • Custom modules development
  • SellerCloud integration
  • Data migration
  • Amazon payments integration
  • Custom amazon like products review module
Products banner slider 8 months ago

Products Banner Slider

This extension would be helpful within different industries because you can showcase different products on a single banner slide.

Responsive Elogic Slider is perfect tool for increasing your sales. Create banner with your product images and attach a link to product cart for detailed product viewing. Now you don't need to spend a long time to find appropriate product that you see on banner image. Just click on liked banner part and buy item that you see!

Click HERE for the Slider Demo

The Slider is designed for displaying banner images with active link area. It works on mobile devices, tablets and personal computers. Easy installation and configuration allow effortlessly place a banner on any site pages and make your site more attractive in minutes. Slider has all standard features: add images, create slide sets, automatic slideshow, adaptation to the screen size. Specific characteristics of the slider are: the possibility of placing several sliders at the same time both on the same page and on several pages; choice of the active fields of the images, assigning multiple references to one image.

Feature of this slider is the ability to create, edit and delete multiple active areas on each banner image on Back-end (Admin Panel). On Front-End selected areas are displayed by mouse hover. It means that you can add several links in any place to each banner image.

I have joined team as a lead developer, of magento EE 2.1.3 site rebuild Mostly I was working on a custom CRM integration (api connector), that was consist of around 10 API methods + checkout and customer flow changes, based on implemented CRM integration :

  • magento customer account shared with CRM
  • magento customer account creation, based on customer CRM account
  • bonus system
  • tracking orders into CRM

Also were implemented such features as :

  • customer store view creation (for retailers)
  • checkout rebuild
  • speed optimization
Travis Mathew 1 month ago - project role - tech lead, lead project developer Magento Enterprise 1.14 , PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, jQuery, Prototype.js Development of the project from scratch . Main features that were implemented : Default magento checkout rebuild from 5 steps checkout to 3 step checkout , implement product edit tool on checkout review step create Quickview feature - popup with products carusel (that can be configured from admin panel and inserted to any CMS page\block) , ajax add to cart for any product type (with configurable or bundle options) create Quickbuy feature - add configurable product options options on listing and any product grid type (swatches colors, size are available on products listing for add to cart by ajax ), Ajax pagination on products listing (on page scroll load additional products) Implementing editable product configurable options to ajax minicart (with product options edit feature) ajax add to cart product child categories preview (new listing type that shows subcategories and products with ajax pagination) FPC issues fix “Contact us” requests export via email Page load optimization

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We charge a percentage of referred projects (or full time hires). In the case of projects we'll charge the company being hired, and in the case of recruiting we'll likely charge the hiring company.

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We will be initially targeting North America and major European markets. We will eventually get to other markets as well. This will simplify a number of factors for us including quality.

Is this going to be a race to the bottom like other marketplaces?

Nope - in fact we won't even allow developers to charge fees that are lower than what we consider reasonable for quality Magento development work. This service is all about quality.

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While we would greatly encourage all hiring companies to consider remote developers, we will also be offering some support for hiring locally as well, including outreach to specific markets.

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