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We R Sports 6 years ago

The site has already been on live when I became part of the team, but there were unresolved issues that I had to fix regarding theme integration and some missing blocks.

Performed optimization using PageSpeed Insights as a guide. The low hanging fruit was the images, so I optimized the images on home page and on the mega menu.

The site has been built when I came aboard the DTD team, but I've been assigned to redesign some pages, fix issues, and be the webmaster of the site.


  • Email opt-in modal
  • Call to Action block(s)
  • Recent Wordpress Posts Block (Yep, it has a Wordpress integration)
  • Instagram Images Integration (There's a extension for that already, but he wants a specific design to it, so I had to do some frontend magic, add a couple of libraries and make it work with the extension.)
  • Pages such as: Results Page, Contact Us Page, About Us Page, etc.
  • Removed malicious codes.
  • Fixed issues on Recurring Payment with Paypal.

One of the biggest challenges here is that there were lots of modification on core code and bad work has been done. It was hard to find how some portions of the site were entered. This is a sign that a lot of different developers has touched the site before.

So far, I've gotten used to it and slowly organizing stuff as I work on them.

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