Facialco 4 years ago

Online store for selling skincare products. Typical magento store with customization. Custom product listings were implemented.

Allsani 4 years ago

During maintanence of this website, we have made membership extension customization and modules updating.

Santacruz 4 years ago

E-commerce website with bundle products “explode” feature for catalog.

Lindora 4 years ago

There we work with website maintanence and modules updating.

Perfumer 4 years ago

Online store for sale perfumes, having built on Magento 1.8.

Hello Bio 4 years ago

HelloBio is an eCommerce website that was built from scratch and sells tools for life sciences. We made ERP integration, IWD order manager customization and Mods to edit order functionality.

Swimwear world 4 years ago

There were a lot of interesting features:

  • we created sort order randomization feature. The randomization feature mixing products with the same brand and makes catalog view prettier.
  • we created Only X left and Shipping from Date notice features. The features displays notice lines on a product page.
  • we created custom indexer to display a custom label on catalog images and integrated new extensions with existing custom features.
158 DB 4 years ago

Magento based e-commerce store that sells clothes, shoes and jeweleries. We have implemented CRUD for discount manager and assigned discount entities to MegaMenu.

WSM Tactical 4 years ago

E-commerce store that sells weapon. We developed multiple selection in layered navigation and sorting attributes.

Make stock status more informative add an optional description. Add custom stock status to any type of product. Choose where you want to display a custom stock status. Compatible with: 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9.

Fast order extension 4 years ago

Extension allow customer to place a fast order in one single click based on customer provided phone number, phone number and email ( can be turned on/off ).

Recover abandoned cart. Send reminder via email. Encourage customer to come back and place an order.

Attachments module allows uploading files and attaching them to any product page or a CMS page.

Spyshop 4 years ago

One more website that we are maintanencing. Also we have made better Store Search customization and Stock option implementation.

Nature Hills 4 years ago

E-commerce store built on Magento 1.7 with Mailchimp installation and configuration and Extensions installation.

Liftsupport depot 4 years ago

We have built this website on Magento CE 1.7. The most interesting things in Backend development were customization of Amasty Shop by layered navigation and customization of Amasty parts finder (seo friendly links creation, routes rebuilding).

Warm Your Floor 4 years ago

The most interesting part of this project was creating the feature for Bizrate’s Buyer Survey Solution. The extension collect all orders information (order data, products, customer and shipping information) and send it to Bizrate service. The result of this is the Bizrate’s Buyer Survey pop-up on Order Success page.

Also we made:

  • Visual Merchandiser installation and configuration
  • Optimization of the checkout process
  • Extending of SEO feeds
Mysa 4 years ago

Italian e-commerce project with multistore structure for different domains and different extensions.

Reifenversand 4 years ago
Royal Robbins 4 years ago
BuzzModule 4 years ago
Bathroom TV 4 years ago

E-commerce responsive multisite that sells audio and video equipment for bathrooms with IDW Onestep Checkout.