Futureproofed 2 months ago

Futureproofed is a business that stands for sustainable design furniture, home accessories and lifestyle products. The products sold through their webshop are made from ecologically responsible materials (from production to recycling) and have a long lifespan due to their timeless design and high-quality.

Webshop: futureproofedshop.be

The new version of Magento brings fundamental improvements in terms of technology, modularity, and performance. Migrating their webshop from Magento 1 to Magento 2 was a natural step to make for Futureproofed since they are focused on growing their business and offering to their clients a great user experience

Faster, better, stronger, safer webshop

The new Futureproofed webshop loads faster, its responsive design enhances the user experience, and the dashboard is user-friendlier than ever. The checkout process is faster, and it offers multiple cool features for the webshop admins. Now, Futureproof can use customization at its best: up-sell, cross-sell, coupons based on user behavior, these are some features that allow them to master their marketing efforts. Moreover, the strengthened algorithms make passwords stronger to eventual attacks.

A clean layout

The layout of the new webshop is clean and simple. The design is focused on some of the aspects that matter the most when it comes to e-commerce: products and photography. The products can be filtered by category, price, product type, designer, color, and dimensions. The users can buy, add to Wishlist or request a personalized quote. Perfectly fit for both desktop & mobile, the design is intuitive, considering the visitor’s point of entry.

Modules integrated

For Futureproofed, we integrated our own developed modules, such as Socializer, Login, Blog, FAQ & Product Labels, but also various extern modules, such as Amasty Layered Navigation, PDF Fooman. And the most important from all, our freshly released SEO module, that help them use newly enhanced e-commerce tracking features, and also properly configure all the marketing tools and improve the gathered data.

Tracking & configurations

If there’s something the marketing department likes the most, that would be relying on accurate data. Speaking numbers in our company it’s a must. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools were properly implemented and configured on the webshop. We track events such as: add to cart, add to wishlist, cart page visited, contact form sent, newsletter subscribe, payment page visited, order placed, site search etc.

Thanks to our SEO module, the webshop owns now plenty of new functionalities that will contribute to a high ranking in search engines results. With the SEO & SEA features properly implemented, a happy client motivated to grow its business and a development team ready to assist, we’re sure Futureproofed is ready to make waves in their industry.

E5 Mode 2 months ago

E5 mode is an established value in the Belgian fashion landscape. The family business was founded in 1979 and has currently 70 physical stores. The goal of e5 mode is to sell beautiful clothing to fashion-conscious customers. Their greatest asset is personal service, which they also wanted to see reflected in their new webshop.

In order to become completely future-proofed, e5 mode wanted a new webshop. Their previous webshop worked on Magento 1, an older version of Magento that will no longer be supported from 2020 onwards. Moreover, their webshop was not mobile. Time for innovation! Baldwin accepted this challenge with great pleasure.

Wireframes & design

Our collaboration started with a brainstorming session. The new webshop absolutely had to be mobile responsive. More and more people use their mobile to surf on the internet, or visit websites or webshops via mobile ads. We also agreed quickly on the house style: it should be more modern and contemporary, but also remain recognizable.

After team Baldwin and team e5 mode sat together to exchange ideas, it was time to make their dreams come true.

Let’s start!

Our designers first started sketching the wireframes. Wireframes are very useful to integrate the design and UX wishes of the customer into the webshop. After the wireframes were completed, it was time for the design phase. The challenge? The design had to look both modern and fresh, and be instinctive. In addition, e5 mode has an extensive network of stores. It was very important that this extensive store network was also strongly highlighted in the new webshop. After all, a good webshop also has an impact on the turnover in the offline stores.

The result

The new webshop of e5 mode puts both the products and the personal service of e5 mode in the spotlight. The webshop of e5 mode has for instance inspiring lookbooks, personal customer stories, a MyStyle service and much more.

The new design has a fresher and more contemporary look and provides a pleasant shopping experience. For example, we choose to give the search bar a fixed and prominent place in the header because a search bar is one of the most important elements of a webshop.

It was also a challenge to keep the categorization on the mobile website clear and clean. By using a slider that smoothly moves to the next subcategory, the user can easily and quickly navigate on the new mobile webshop.

Development: Challenges & firsts

The development of the e5 mode webshop was a real challenge for our developers. First and foremost because of the technology choices. The e5 team opted for a combination of the Magento Cloud as hosting and Magento Commerce (Enterprise) as platform. Thanks to this courageous move, e5 mode is the first Belgian webshop with that combination and therefore has a real first!

Not only the platform and hosting choice was challenging to our developers, so was the integration of a large number of third party modules. Many modules were perfected together with the Magento team. The BlueFoot PageBuilder module was used for the first time. BlueFoot PageBuilder has a drag & drop functionality that makes it very easy to add and manage content, from product descriptions to blog posts. This module hasn’t been used yet in many Magento webshops, that’s why we are very proud of this integration! Meanwhile, Magento has chosen to include this great module into the Magento ecosystem.

Other new modules that were integrated in the new webshop include Tweakwise (advanced search, sorting and filtering functionality), Kiyoh (company reviews), Amasty Labels module (great for adding color labels to the products for instance), DPD shipping module, Channable for product feeds, and many more. Baldwin developed also many modules tailored to e5 mode: a Lookbook module, custom coupon code module, FAQ module, custom jobs module, store pick-up module and blog module.

Go-live of e5 mode

Just before the launch, the webshop was thoroughly tested (user acceptance and stress tests) to ensure that it was completely ready for launch and that the webshop could handle large amounts of traffic. Only when we were 100% sure that everything went well, the webshop went live. The launch was an instant success!

Thanks to the intense cooperation between e5 mode and Baldwin and extensive preparations, the go-live of the new webshop went smoothly.

Ready for the future with the new webshop! What changed?

The new webshop runs on Magento 2.2, which makes it completely future-proofed. The shop is fully mobile responsive and can rely on powerful resources (three web servers, Redis Caching, Fastly Caching, Blackfire Profiling and New Relic Monitoring) and the design has been thoroughly updated.

In addition, the order flow has also been addressed: it is now possible to add products to a wishlist and there is a renewed lookbook from which you can add products directly to your shopping basket. Thanks to the BlueFoot module, team e5 mode can now also easily adjust the content of the new webshop. And finally, we also worked on SEO and tracking on the website.

EcareXpress 5 months ago

EcareXpress is a business specialized in professional and individual equipment for safety, protection, and care. They started in 2009 by selling first aid products and offering reviews for the first aid kits for companies. As a request from their customers, they developed their range of products by also including the selling of safety shoes and clothes, disposables, sprinkler kits etc.

Design and webshop development, these are the services we helped EcareXpress with.

Webshop: ecarexpress.be

If you are familiar with our portfolio, you may know by now our way of working. Each collaboration starts with a briefing for development, a phase which implies the gathering of data we need, in order to start planning the work. It is followed by a technical research, the creation of the web site’s structure and a proper communication with our client in order to process all the feedback and translate it into the final proposal.


Our designers created the wireframes by keeping in mind the user’s point of entry. They managed to translate the EcareXpress concept into a ready to sell, good-looking website. The design is clean, and it highlights the products sold by the client. The categories are intuitive and easy to find.


A good prior planning ensured an easy development phase. Our team of devs programmed all the custom backend functions and the project took shape when our back-end team programmed the templates. The webshop was tested by both our team and client before being launched.

Magento 2 is perfectly encountering the needs of a webshop. Because it’s very flexible, it’s suitable for both small and large, B2B and B2C businesses.

Matthys 5 months ago

Matthys is a specialist in the direct sales of tools and equipment used in restoration projects for cars and motorcycles: blasting equipment, paint, polishing tools, oils, power tools etc. The company is selling across Europe to both professional and private users alike and aims to help their target audience to recondition their goods by offering them tools at a great quality-price ratio.

Learn how we helped

Webshop development, usage, and tracking, these are the services we helped them with. But first thing first, it all started with a meeting.

If you regularly read our portfolio, you are probably familiar with our way of working. Our collaborations always start with a briefing for development, the phase when we gather all the data we need in order to start planning the work.

A technical research helped us gather all the information we needed in order to create a structure for the website. We adjusted it according to the client’ feedback until we established the final version.

Since the client is selling across Europe, the website needed to be a multi-language project that incorporates languages such as English, German, French, and Dutch. The design needed to be clean and simple. And once gone live, our marketing set-up had to offer them an unseen level of growth.

Design & development

When it comes to webshops, the true challenge is to translate the concept of the brand into a good-looking, easy to navigate website. Our team of designers opted for a clean design, that would highlight the products sold by the client. The product categories are intuitive and easy to find.

The developers installed the test server and the platform, integrated the modules needed, programmed the custom back-end functions and programmed the templates. The products were synchronized via an ERP solution. The webshop is developed in Magento 2, that offers great opportunities to business owners.


SEO & SEA functionalities occupy an important position among the essential configurations we provide before the launch of a website. We make sure the webshops we develop are properly indexed by search engines and all the marketing data gathered is accurate. Therefore, we implemented tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools. We made sure all the 301 redirects are made in place and al the accounts are properly configured.

Site launch

We made sure our go-live checklist is completed. The webshop was tested by both our team and client. Now, it is live and can be seen at www.matthys.net. We’re happy to work with a diverse range of webshops: from niche fashion businesses such as Rosette la Vedette, to international leisure businesses such as CanvasCamp or international automotive businesses, such as Matthys.

Aqtor 5 months ago

Aqtor is a business specialized in manufacturing and delivering products from the reimbursed range of prosthetics, mobility aid, orthopedic shoes, and bandages. Its mission is to enable people with mobility restrictions to regain their ability to move. While Aqtor is producing orthopedic products, the items can be purchased on their webshop, Ortoshop, which we also developed.

An initial briefing meeting for development provided us all the information we needed in order to create the website: data about the business, the requirements for the project and the functionalities that needed to be implemented. We knew the site needed to be responsive, draw the users’ attention to the products and redirect them to the webshop for orders.

The wireframes

Here, at Baldwin, we work on wireframes in order to find the perfect arrangement of elements on a website, to best accomplish a particular purpose, so we planned the pages’ layouts, the content arrangement, the interface elements and navigational system. This way, we are able to check from the beginning how they work together.


The design was created by having in mind how we want the potential customers to work with Aqtor website. We made sure we organized information in order to be easy to read by the visitors: we used headlines, white spaces, images, and an easy to read typeface. The navigation includes a logical hierarchy and clickable buttons that redirect the users to relevant pages.

To help the website load as fast as possible, we optimised images, and alongside its responsiveness, it works great on every device.


Since we carefully planned all the functionalities and requirements for the website, the development has gone naturally. The website is created in Magento 2. The developers made sure they implemented all the SEO requirements from a prior made checklist.

Usage and tracking

SEO and SEA functionalities are two of the most important things we revise and deliver when launching a website. We checked each page to be properly indexed by search engines and we made sure all gathered data is accurate. How, you ask? By implementing tools such as Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Site launch

After we made sure everything is tested by both our development team and the client, we launched the website in soft live for a couple of days. At the moment of the launch, all the marketing campaigns were scheduled.

Fashionteam 5 months ago

Fashionteam is 5 fashion shops in one: Gibsy, Viruss, Rufus, Inconnue and Victory. The target audiences of each brand are slightly different, but all brands share their passion for high-end fashion.

Five brands, one team

Online, the five strong brands unite as Fashionteam. Our design team went for a clean and functional webshop design, consistent with the existing Fashionteam branding and suiting the style of each individual brand.

Omnichannel strategy

Fashionteam’s five brick-and-mortar stores by the sea have each been established names for years. To provide their existing customers with an even better service, the management decided to go omnichannel: the new webshop is not only meant to sell online, but must also stimulate in-store sales.

To fulfil the omnichannel goals, Baldwin developed a handy reservation functionality: Clients can reserve any product online to try it on in-store.

Next to that, each product detail page has a clear measurement table, to help visitors pick the right size online. In the looks section, visitors are inspired to new combinations, just like they would in-store.

Synchronisation with XLent

For the stock management of their brick-and-mortar stores, Fashionteam uses the XLent ERP system. Baldwin developed a custom synchronisation between the impressive product database in XLent and the Magento webshop. The collection of over 6.000 different products has been turned into a clear and user-friendly navigation menu.

Via the Magento back-end interface, the e-commerce manager can decide on any given time which products should be visible in the online store.

E-commerce coaching

The Fashionteam webshop is run by a brand new dedicated e-commerce team. Baldwin was happy to share its experience through extensive e-commerce coaching. Our experts trained the team on SEO, product photography and webshop management.

Weba 5 months ago

Weba has been a respectable name within the Belgian furniture market for the last 30 years. They are headstrong and rebellious within their advertising, which definitely resonates with us at Baldwin. Our collaboration started în 2016, when we created the webshop using Magento1. Almost 9 months later, a new Weba webshop was born, which made it the first big Magento 2 webshop in Belgium.


Prior to the development of the actual webshop, we performed a lot of research. During our first meeting, the marketing team made itself acquainted with Weba’s strengths and the longterm business goals of both Weba and their webshop.

Eventually, the online concept started to take shape: Weba stands for a straight forward approach, which relies on their quality products at sharp prices, a logistically strong organisation, and the recognisability of their mascot Arsène Weba.

The Weba assortment is targeted towards a broad audience: they offer a wide range of furniture styles all at once, in which they don’t focus on one specific lifestyle. The product is put at the centre of attention, both in the physical stores as on the webshop.

Using ‘Personas’ – fictitious model Weba costumers – turend out to be a great way of figuring out the large number of different target audiences and their respective needs.

Up next, our marketers dived straight into the numbers: the briefing was tested with reality, by performing a thorough analysis of the existing webshop data and available numbers of the online furniture market. Step by step, we unraveled the customer journey – the path a customer follows, from first idea to actual purchase. – :

Who buys furniture online?

Which channels do potential customers use to search for these products? Which barriers do they experience while shopping for furniture online? How does your online presence have an influence on the sales of physical multichannel furniture stores? the result of this research: a SWOT-analysis. This gave an overview of Weba’s online risks and opportunities, and would eventually form the foundation for a first wireframe, a blueprint of the primary webshop pages.

The design process


After a couple of wireframe rounds, the structure started to take shape, with a definitive design based off the existing corporate identity of Weba, accompanied by the iconic drawings of cartoon artist Marec. Marec even made a number of unique drawings, just for the new webshop. The presence of Arséne and friends amplify the recognisability of the webshop and makes it stand out from its competitors.


The assortment of Weba has over 8000 products. That being said; designing a user-friendly navigation was a challenge. The number of subcategories and filter possibilities were vastly extended. The user’s needs and wishes were taken into account throughout every step of the purchasing-process.

  • Visitors who know what they are looking for can navigate through the website effortlessly by using the large dropdown menu.
  • By using large window tiles on the product summary pages, visitors who are still hesitant or just curious can easily refine their search and find the product that is right for them.

When checking out a product they are interested in, potential customers will be offered suggested products on the detail page of every product, as well as a summary of every product within that specific furniture set. This way, customers can easily browse through the wide range of products that match their own personal preference and taste.

Responsive design

Naturally, the webshop is mobile friendly. This is important, considering the number of mobile visitors has increased drastically the last couple of years. The mobile webshop shows a compact version of the content, and smaller product photos. This way, the webshop is still accessible on a smaller screen, without taking anything away from the user experience when using a smartphone or tablet.



Weba decided to collaborate with Combell as their hosting partner. On top of having a lot of experience with Magento, they are experts in installing load balanced systems. A load balanced system distributes all digital processes across multiple servers. This way, the webshop is able to handle up to 15 000 visitors per minute. This is absolutely paramount, considering national tv-campaigns often attract a high number of visitors.

Stress testing

Sizing Servers put the true power of the webshop to the test through stress testing: towards the launch of the new webshop, the maximum capacity was tested multiple times and adjusted accordingly by finetuning our scripts and server environments.

Synchronisation of the ERP-system

For a nationally renowned furniture business like Weba, it’s essential for all of the logistic elements between the webshop and physical stores to be synched with one another. For the checkout and warehouse processes, Weba has been using the Asci software for years. With Asci, Baldwin was able to deliver a seamless integration of both systems, which took quit a bit of custom development.

Stock management

When a customer places an order on the webshop, that order is immediately processed with Asci’s software. This stock and order data is synchronised in Asci with Magento multiple times a day. On top of that, the availability of every product is checked, in real-time, in a number of crucial places: the shopping cart, product pages and check-out process.

Doing this allows us to avoid situations where products are bought on the webshop, when these were recently sold out in one of the physical stores. This real-time check of stock was not available in Magento yet, and was therefore custom developed by the Baldwin developers, in cooperation with the Asci team.

Delivery method

The delivery method is determined by the content of the shopping cart. The costs for delivery are calculated in real-time when a customer enters his/her post code. This function was custom developed by Baldwin as well.

The launch

The launch of the new webshop was paired with an ambitious communication plan for both national television and radio, as well as incorporating online channels for the very first time. For Weba, Baldwin presented an online communication plan based on the 3 step stategy: See – Think – Do.


General campaigns through Youtube, Google Display and Facebook aim to raise awareness of the Weba brand with a large target audience.


Recent visitors are reminded of their visit with a personal ad in their Facebook newsfeed or other websites.


With our “Do” campaigns, we reach potential customers who are in the last phase of their purchasing process, when they actively search for Weba in the Google search engine. Search and shopping campaigns strengthen Weba’s online presence and amplify their SEO ranking.

Plan on shopping at Weba in Ghent or Deinze? At Baldwin, we’re just going to go ahead and shop from our couch. And we already know our favorite one: the Baldwin couch!

Entusia 5 months ago

Women with urinary incontinence usually only have a minimum of pesky sanitary pads to choose from. This young startup from Antwerp offers a comfortable alternative: sexy undergarments, equipped with special three-layered absorbing technology. Hans Versmissen, founder of Entusia, discovered the product in Canada and decided to sell the undergarments in Belgium through a webshop. Accompanied by nothing more than an idea and a name, he came knocking on our doors. We answered.

Baldwin supported Entusia in every phase of the project:

Company logo & Corporate Identity

The logo was designed by the Baldwin design team. Out of a number of options, Entusia decided to go with the logo that represented their unique three-layered technology. To accompany the logo, a fitting corporate identity for web and print was developed as well.


Baldwin didn’t limit itself to just the development and design of the webshop. We supported Entusia throughout other aspects of the project, such as selecting a hosting partner, payment provider and photographer.

Design and Development

This project wasn’t just a challenge for founder Hans, but for Baldwin as well. The development team constructed the shop in Magento 2 for the very first time. This is the latest version of Magento, which was launched in the final quarter of last year.


In order to promote their product towards women with urinary incontinence, Entusia will be contacting several doctors and urologists in the upcoming months. For this, Baldwin designed a booklet, business cards and custom packaging with the printed logo.

Skribis 5 months ago

A few years ago, the Baldwin team has made itself familiar with Magento 2, the latest version of the Magento e-commerce platform. Proud and Pleased as Punch, we want to take the opportunity to put one of our first Magento 2 creations in the spotlights: Skribis.

Skribis is a brand new online publication platform. Upcoming authors now have the opportunity to publish and circulate their manuscripts without the interference of a publisher. Skribis offers complete professional expertise: graphic design, online sales, print and distribution of academic, professional and novelist publications. With creative and technical know-how, the baldwin team guided the project from start to finish. This culminated into an innovative webshop, pioneer within the field of publication services.

Our creative geniuses supported Skribis during the transformation of idea to full-fledged webshop. The result is a practical digital platform, with the services of Skribis placed at the centre of attention.

Obviously, everything needs to look good as well. Our designers gave the project its own personality by giving it a fitting corporate identity and company logo. These will be featured on both the webshop and the printed book covers.

Naturally, we designed and built the webshop from the ground up. Our weapon of choice? Magento 2. Compared to its predecessor, Magento 2 offers a number of applications that boost the workflow considerably. Magento 2 sculpted the back-end into a modern design, which is a lot more user friendly than Magento 1.

These changes make it easy to add and adjust product attributes as well as determine which attributes can be used to filter specific products. This is just one example of how Magento 2 enables our development team to work faster and more efficiently. Thanks to Magento 2, this is an application our customers can learn easily without having to be a certified computer geeks.

Rosette la Vedette 5 months ago

The mission of Rosette la Vedette is to bring colour to dark days. At 34, Wendy was diagnosed breast cancer and lost her hair because of the chemo therapy. As she was too optimistic to wear boring hats with boring colours, her mother made her personalised hats in bright colors.

Wendy decided to make fellow cancer patients happy as well, and launched an entire collection of fashionable hats, called ‘Rosette la Vedette’. With her trendy hats, Wendy wants to break the taboo of hair loss through chemo therapy. With this mission in mind, Baldwin redesigned the existing webshop.

The existing logo was kept, but the rest of the webshop changed drastically. Rosette la Vedette is a story told for and by strong people, therefore, the personal stories of fellow patients received a central spot on the shop’s homepage and on the product detail pages.

Next to the collection, the site also contains informative content on how to deal with hair loss by chemo therapy and style tips to look good, and feel good, despite the hair loss. This content was brought up front in a separate section called ‘chemo therapy and hair loss’.

CanvasCamp 7 months ago

CanvasCamp is one of the world’s leading canvas tents specialists, who creates high-quality equipment for nature lovers and sells it at affordable prices.

Webshop: www.canvascamp.com

The business aims to help people create great memories when exploring the world, no matter how harsh the conditions are. Because it is known as a benchmark for canvas tents and for its good-looking products, we got overly excited about working with this client.

It all started with a meeting

If you read about us, you are probably already familiar with our way of working. Each collaboration starts with a briefing for development. In this phase the business owners communicate all the requirements they have for the project.

Baldwin built the first Magento webshop for Canvascamp in 2014. Now 4 years later we wanted to upgrade to Magento 2 and create a new shopping experience. After we finished the marketing & the technical research and we gathered all the information we needed, we proposed a structure for the website. It was properly adjusted depending on the client’s feedback until we established the final version.

Design & development

Our designers’ challenge was to properly translate the brand concept into the online shop. They chose to create a clean and simple design, that would highlight the Instagramable products manufactured and sold by the client. It perfectly fits the CanvasCamp’s brand identity.

Our team of developers started by setting up the test server & platform. They integrated the extra modules, transferred all the data into the new Magento 2 system and programmed all the custom backend functions. It all started to take shape after the front-end team programmed the templates.

SEO & analytics set-up

SEO and SEA functionalities are the most important things we deliver in terms of marketing at the launch of any webshop. Before launching CanvasCamp, it was all about 301 redirects, SEO check-ups & accounts configurations. We wanted to make sure each page is properly indexed by the search engines and the provided data is accurate.

Go live & advertising

After we made sure all the go-live checklist was completed by our team, the website was soft live for a few days. Everything was tested again, by our team and the client as well. At the moment of the launch, all the marketing campaigns were scheduled.

Now, we think CanvasCamp is one of the prettiest camping webshops. We share the credits with the client’s team, whose expectations were to create a project that raises the standards. We succeeded.

Orthoshop 7 months ago

Orthoshop is an e-commerce website that focuses on the delivery of reimbursed orthopedic products, such as shoes, prostheses, braces and bandages, mobility aid, pediatric orthopedics, therapeutic stockings etc. The company is recognised by all health insurance funds from Belgium and it’s responsible for the administrative process for the reimbursement.

Webshop: www.orthoshop.be

Our collaboration started with a briefing for development, in order to conclude all the requirements that the business owners wanted for their webshop. We established it will integrate various specific functionalities, combined with a beautiful design.

Creating the wireframes

Here, at Baldwin, we create wireframes before starting to work on the design. We created the layouts by keeping in mind how we want users to work with the information from our webshop. The purpose of each page was established based on the user’s point of entry.


When it comes to design, a careful planning generated a natural flow of the work. The design is responsive and it keeps being intuitive and pleasant to the eye, even on mobile devices. By including high-quality images in the website’s content, we succeed to offer this webshop a clean interface, which brings out all the benefits and products available.


We knew exactly how each page should look like and which were the functionalities that the client wanted to be implemented on the website. We created this website by using Magento 2, according to prior planning.

Site launch

Before launching it, we made sure everything was tested by both the client and our team. We checked if the SEO functionalities & shopping flows were working properly.

Joliette 7 months ago

Joliette is an online store selling fashion and home & deco products in Romania. Behind the webshop are two people eager to explore the online retail market, Livia and Răzvan, and a whole team ready to help them conquer it, Baldwin.

Webshop: www.joliette.ro

It all started with a briefing for development with all the requirements the business owners wanted for their website. The initial objective was the development of an MVP. The online shop had to be responsive, with a customised design and it had to integrate various functionalities.

Building the brand

After determining the company’s target audience and the mission statement, we researched the businesses within the industry, outlined the benefits and created the brand identity. We knew Joliette is a business for millennials. They are active in social media, they are preoccupied with their look and the environment they are living in. They have an income over the medium average of the market and they are online shoppers.

Creating the wireframes

Before starting to work on the design, we created the wireframes. This is one of the most important steps in the process of screen design. The layouts were created according to how we wanted the users to work with the information. Each page was build considering the user’s point of entry.

Design & development

Thanks to our careful planning to the smallest details, design tasks have gone naturally. We created the logo, the design for each page, and images for the most important communication channels. The design is young and vibrant, perfectly expressing the brand’s personality.

By having all the information, our development team worked on putting all our efforts into practice. They made sure they implemented all the functionalities and the SEO checklist, as planned.

Usage and tracking

SEO & SEA functionalities are two important things we revise and deliver with the launch of any webshop. We make sure each page is properly indexed by the search engines and all the data we gather is accurate. This is why the next step was represented by the implementation of various tools, such as Google Analytics, Google & Bing Webmaster tools, and Google Tag Manager.

To make sure we look at data relevant for the business, we track add to cart events, newsletter subscriptions and purchases. Based on these, we create, later on, relevant ads targeting the right audience and get in touch via e-mail campaigns.

Go live and advertising

The website was in a soft live state for a few days, until we made sure everything was tested by the client as well. At the moment of the launch, the online marketing campaigns were scheduled, according to the pre-approved ad budget. We created various messages according to each channel and its target audience.

Our main advertising channels are Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram Ads. We succeeded in creating an interested audience which is eager to hear news from our client and regularly pamper with clothes and decorations.

Verwarmingsketelshop.be is more than a webshop. It’s the one-stop-shop for your central heating boiler. You can order a new boiler, or hire an expert for a repair or maintenance of your existing one. The unique features on the webshop demanded a lot of custom development work. A nice challenge for the Baldwin development team.

Custom boiler wizard

Picking the right boiler for your home, without any technical knowledge, that’s not exactly a piece of a cake. To make it easier, Baldwin built a handy boiler wizard: Next to browsing the standard product overview pages, visitors can find their ideal central heating boiler by answering eight easy questions, like ‘How big is your house?’ and ‘How many people are living there?’.

After you answered the eight questions, the system automatically matches your answers with the product attributes in Magento, and shows you the ideal central heating boiler for your home, along with two alternatives. You don’t have to bother if you are not entirely sure of your choice yet, because after you picked a boiler, an installer visits your house to double check if the boiler of your choice actually fits your home situation.

Repair and maintenance

Next to installing new boilers, Verwarmingsketelshop also comes to the rescue when you have a problem with your current boiler, and you can hire an expert for a one-time maintenance or a recurring maintenance plan. The one-time maintenance can be fully planned and paid online. For a recurring maintenance plan or a repair, customers can contact the company via phone or web form. If you visit the webshop during working hours, you can also immediately chat with an expert via the online chat module.

Content marketing strategy

With the new webshop, Verwarmingsketelshop wants to appeal to a non-technical audience. To accomplish this goal, Baldwin did not only implement the wizard functionality and online chat module, but also an extensive content section, with lots of informative content to advice customers to make the right boiler choice, sign up for a grant or take care of their current central heating boiler. This content section on the webshop also functions as the core of Verwarmingsketelshop’s content marketing strategy, that focuses on building a solid ranking in the organic search results.

Seventy One 2 months ago

Angelique has a passion for beautiful original clothing. That passion has emerged as a young girl in the 80’s when she was always busy creating her own clothing with a vintage appearance. Seventy One was born! She turned her passion into her profession by starting a shop with vintage clothing. Or should we call them “Timeless collections”!?

Webshop: www.seventyone.be

From the fashion heart of Antwerp, she runs her own store and webshop. Baldwin guided her in the e-commerce project, built and designed the first webshop in Magento 1. Now that this version will no longer be supported from 2020, we decided that it’s time for innovation and we migrated it to Magento 2.


Since Magento 2.x is very different from Magento 1.x, any custom work completed on the old webshop needed to be re-done for the new store. Challenge accepted! The webshop migration started with the third-party extension installation, continued with webshop setups, Magento&theme configuration, products/categories/customer attribution creation and ended with the content migration.

We integrated plugins and modules such as Yuki, POS Boost My Shop, Amasty Abandoned carts, Magestore Gift card, Amasty Product feed. We also integrated to Seventy One our freshly released SEO module. Benefits? Enhanced e-commerce tracking features, and also a perfect configuration of all the marketing tools.

Tracking and configurations

Because we like to rely on accurate data, we properly configured Google Analytics, Tag Manager & Search Console. Thanks to our SEO module, we are able to use enhanced e-commerce tracking features.

Unlike standard e-commerce tracking (which tracks info that happens mostly on the purchase success page), we track user interactions with products across the user’s shopping experience, including: product impressions, product clicks, viewing product details, adding a product to a shopping cart, initiating the checkout process, transactions, and refunds.


The webshop was tested by our team and the client alike. When our developers were 100% sure that everything is running smoothly and decided that Seventy One is ready to make waves in the fashion industry, they launched it. And it was a real success!

DingGo 5 months ago

DingGo is a small business born in Sydney, Australia, at the beginning of 2017. They want to change the way people are repairing their cars. They aim to make your life more convenient, by providing comparable quotes from verified local panel beaters. How we helped, you wonder?

SEO audit

Our SEO audit offers a checklist of all the elements that need to be improved and a proper documentation for each one of these elements. It included mentions about the: website structure, canonical URLs, metadata, HTML sitemap, Google & Bing Webmaster tools, Robots & Sitemap, Analytics & Facebook code etc. The SEO audit doesn’t just stop here. Our colleagues are still following up with DingGo’s developers regarding these improvements, in order to track the implementation status.

Keyword research for SEO & SEA

We provided a keyword list for Google AdWords, organised by campaigns. We included data about the number of monthly searches, competition, suggested bids and even suggestion for match types. Moreover, we created a separated list for SEO with the main keywords, alternative keywords and phrases for each service offered. This way, the website will get plenty of organic and paid visits.

Farewell Services 5 months ago

Farewell Services is an Australian business that acknowledged that organising a funeral is difficult, especially when there are so many things to take care of. There’s a time for planning and a time for grieving. This is why they created a website so the clients can make a beautiful keepsake of their loved ones online and save precious time.

Our collaboration with Farewell Services was divided into 2 phases: before launching the website – research, documentation and accounts configuration, and after their platform was live – digital marketing.

The main challenge was to work with a 3rd party development team for the tasks related to SEO. Thanks to their professionalism and dedication, our careful planning was translated later into a natural flow of the work.

Preparing the website for launch

We worked on preparing the launch of the website by planning the structure of URLs, robots.txt, sitemap and the keyword research. We made a list with all the Google Analytics events we needed and created an SEO checklist for the 3rd party development team.

Usage & tracking

The implementation of marketing tools is what our digital team likes the most. Why, you wonder? Because they allow them to measure conversions, but they also give them fresh insights into how visitors are using the website. They made sure Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Tag Manager are implemented and are properly working.

Google analytics and webmaster tools are appreciated for their insights about visitors, traffic, demographics, behaviours, overall website health, indexing status and the list can go on. Google Tag Manager helps us track various events on the website, without having to pass the process through the development team.

Go live

After the website was live, our team finished setting and testing all the marketing tools, to make sure the data is accurate. Because of the business profile, we decided to only use Google Adwords for advertising the website. We prepared all the campaigns, which were activated after the website was live. Search, display & shopping campaigns, this is what we provide for Farewell Services.