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Rogers and Hollands 5 years ago

As a jewelry store with over 80 retail chains, Rogers and Holland had already been through two website launches. Both had failed.

Be creating a website, and not seeing the big picture, the attempts were difficult to manage and had a disjointed customer experience. That’s when we showed up.

Instead of building a website, we set Rogers and Holland up on Magento 2 and made it fully integrated with their existing Oracle ERP system. In just five months, our team fully converted them from a proprietary shopping cart to a complete omnichannel solution. The customer, retail, and ecommerce experience suddenly aligned—and this jewelry store’s digital experience started to shine.

Show Cart Discounts 5 years ago

We developed this extension as a simple fix to an overlooked problem regarding how the cart and products on sale interact. In short, once an on sale product is added to the cart it loses any indication that it was on sale. This fix will help reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.

Moon Audio 4 years ago

We took over management of Moon audio and helped solve several issues they were having with there Magento Commerce Build. There were many performance issues caused by their extensions and themes. Though they were not high on the customization scale they had enough wrong that it was wreaking havoc on the cache. After our fixes, page loads went from 4-5 second down to less than 400ms. Additionally, we helped stabilize their entire system and resulting in a record month of sales this last May.

USA Pool Pros 5 years ago

USA Pool Pros a Magento 1.x site the grew from 0 to 2 million in 2 years. We integrated this store with several drop shipping vendors enabling it to scale quickly.