Bling 2 years ago

Teeming from scratch, custom modules, integrations with ERP, PIM Salsify

Independent Consultant build top-notch e-commerce Cloud Infrastructure for high loaded website (1M+ page view per day) using Magento 2 (better than Magento Cloud/Hosting(sucks;)) using AWS scalable EC2 instances with Docker infrastructure in scaling groups, load balancing ELB, Varnish Proxy Cache, CDN, RDB with Vertical scaling and horizontal read replica scaling DB cost cheaper than Aurora DB, Cloud Deployment in 2 min without visible downtime. Different infrastructures - Production, Staging, Test. Automate AWS provisioning using CloudFormation and Ansible. Local environment using Docker Containers. Microservices approach in Magento 2 development using different modern technologies Node.JS, Python, C#, ReactJS and Angular JS - not limited by PHP. Order placement microservice using serverless architecture and SQS Queue - allow place hundreds of orders per minute. Integrations With internal ERP, OMS, Shipping systems. Fast Price and QTY update synchronization 3000 products per minute without performance issues.

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