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Frontend development on Magento 1. Vesternet is the world's premier Home Automation store.

A successful Swiss Startup

Makers and strategists make stuff happen

Working with startups is being a part of history in the making. was a success in the first month after the launch and it kept growing. team had a great plan and we made it happen.

Our focus was to design and develop the frontend while their in-house team delivered the rest.

A collaboration with a charismatic young entrepreneur. The goal was to improve sales process and reach. Customers now pick and choose motifs and customise them. Once happy with their choice, they can request the quote. Sales representative then takes care of the order.

Special features implemented to achieve this: Quote tool - Enables customers to request the quote right from the site. Canvas editing - Selecting a specific part of the motif if needed. This step is a vital part in the ordering process. Customers can send the cropped part of the motifs included within the quote request. - Home automation 2125 hours 3 years ago

When merchants & developers unite - Supporting Dave’s business since 2015.

Selling stuff online is a difficult job. Even harder when products are hard to choose and even harder to put them together. Dave found his opportunity in difficulty. Soothing the pain of choosing and connecting products for home automation.

Providing information about the product his customers need. Apart from the customer support it is crucial for great customer experience.

Most notable features developed:

  • User Generated Content - Customers provided feedback on what works for them. A sort of community based knowledge base for home automation.

  • Compatibility - Even manufacturers’ do not gurantee stuff will work together. Vesternet support makes the best of it by providing guides about product compatibility.

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